Halifax Reads 2018

What is a Community Read

and how does it work?

On March 3rd, multiple copies of Hidden Figures will be available for checkout, including audio books and large print editions. 

Come by and get your copy any time this month!

Community Reads bring people together through a shared reading experience and interesting programming. 
Come to one or all of the programs.  No need to register, no commitment.  Just come when you like to what you like. 

Download the 2018 Halifax Reads Brochure today. 

Events you won't want to miss.

Fun online games at NASA KIDS’ CLUB! 

Katherine Johnson Interview, Sept. 2017

Margot Lee Shetterly: 2017 National Book Festival

Breaking Barriers: NASA’s Science Superstar Brief

Katherine Johnson Legacy      

For Fans of Hidden Figures, some read-alikes you might enjoy. 

Title images linked to our catalog.