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Visit our library's digital history collections. Digitization was federally funded with a grant from the Library Services and Technology Act through the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners and administered by the Boston Public Library.

Summertime Fun Exhibit
A digital collection of photographs from summers past submitted by the Holmes Public Library and the West Bridgewater Public Library. Click here to view!

Halifax Map
Digital Books on Halifax History |The Torch: Silver Lake Regional High School Yearbooks | Halifax Historical Society & Museum's Inaugural Collection | Halifax Postcards | SAILS Digital History Collection

Digital Books on Halifax History

Most of these files are hosted by the Internet Archive, a global internet library with backup files in locations around the world dedicated to offering permanent electronic access to historical collections as a means of cultural preservation.

History of Halifax, Massachusetts by Guy S. Baker.

Town of Halifax: Yesterday & Today, 250th Anniversary, 1734-1834.

Records of the Church of Christ in Halifax, 1734

The history of the Halifax Congregational Church of Halifax, Massachusetts : with notes and references concerning the inhabitants, environs, and lifestyles of the Halifax town and wider community by Joseph A. C. Wadsworth, III.

Sylvanus Bourne: Halifax Massachusetts, 1839-1916: A Personal Memoir (1907) as compiled by William D. Perkins.

Children of Old Park's Tavern: A Story of the South Shore by Frances A. Humphrey. Harper & Brothers, 1886

The Torch, Silver Lake Regional High School Yearbooks
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Halifax Historical Society and Museum's Inaugural Collection

This digital representation of the Halifax Historical Society and Museum's Inaugural collection consists of more than 100 photographs and maps from the collection of Guy S. Baker. Click here to view the collection.

The Halifax Historical Society and Museum is a town-owned museum and historical village that includes the Brockton Store, a blacksmith shop, and one-room school house. Its mission is to preserve the past, present and future history of the town of Halifax, MA and its residents through acquisition and preservation. The Society places a great emphasis on education to acquaint present and future generations with those that have passed.

Halifax Postcard Collection

The Halifax Digital Postcard Collection is online. Enjoy!

SAILS Digital History Collection
The SAILS Digital History Collection is a searchable, Omeka powered Digital Library. The collection is an ever-expanding representation of the historical collections of the SAILS member libraries from southeastern Massachusetts and includes cemetery records from the town of Carver, postcards from West Bridgewater, Middleborough's cranberry collection, Rochester's Historic and Architectural Survey, amongst others. The inaugural collection of 100 photographs and maps from the Halifax Historical Society and Museum is represented in the SAILS Digital History Collection as well as more than 200 Halifax postcards. The SAILS Digital History Collection will continue to expand as libraries add their collections to the digital library.


These resources are available in free digital format through the efforts and support of the following:

Susan Basile, Historian, Town of Halifax

Tom Blake, Digital Projects Manager, Boston Public LIbrary (and his team)

Deborah Conrad, Executive Director, SAILS Library Network

Halifax Congregational Church

Halifax Historical Society & Museum

Richard Kelley, Principal, Silver Lake Regional High School

William D. Perkins

Linda Redding, Librarian, Silver Lake Regional High School

Kristin Slater, Manager of Bibliographic Services, SAILS Library Network

Rev. Joseph Wadsworth, Halifax Congregational Church

Trustees of the Holmes Public Library