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Computer Instruction

We offer ongoing one-on-one Internet and computer instruction on the following:

      Introduction to Using Your Computer
      Introduction to the Internet
      Introduction to Microsoft Word or Excel
      Introduction to Overdrive - downloading books
      Sending and Receiving Email

    The current available class times are Monday and Wednesday @ 3:00, and Thursday @ 1:00. For more information or to sign up, please contact Amy Tull at (781)293-2271 or by email.


computer instruction

Try these sites for computer help

Parts of the computer (Norfolk Public Library, Norfolk, VA)

Mouse work

Keyboard work

Computer and Internet safety

  • Viruses, Spyware, and You (Holmes Library course)
            Download the Word Document

  • Avoiding Identity Theft On-Line: Phishing and Pharming (Holmes Library course)
            Download the Word Document

  • GetNetWise - Tips, advice and help for navigating the internet safely.

  • HoaxBusters - A site dedicated to sifting through and listing fake virus warnings, scams, and chain letters.

  • Internet Super Heroes - Delivering smart, safe and responsible surfing messages to children, teens, schools and parents, on-line and offline.

  • StopCyberbullying.Org - Is there someone who doesn't seem to be willing to leave you alone on-line? Try this site to learn more about cyberbullying.

  • TeenAngels.Org - The teen division of WiredSafety.Org

  • WiredSafety.Org - The world's largest on-line safety and help group.

Email Basics (Holmes Library course) Download the Word Document

Learn Basic Computer Skills with online videos from Expert Village

Microsoft Office Tutorials