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The following is from Guy Baker’s A History of Halifax
“…In 1876 Dr. Howland Holmes of Lexington, Massachusetts donated the sum of $100.00 to establish a free library in the Town of Halifax. Dr. Holmes was the oldest brother of a resident of Halifax, John Holmes, who is well remembered for his work as a tin peddler.

The old Town Hall, which had been the original meetinghouse, housed the library in a room once used as a drill hall. The building was destroyed by fire in 1907 and the library contents were a total loss. There had been thirty-five books out in circulation when this fire occurred and naturally they were recovered as a nucleus with which to begin again. Following the loss of the library site, the library services were moved to the Congregational Church.

In 1908 the Town appropriated one thousand dollars for the new library, the committee appointed to carry out this project consisted of Henry M. Bosworth, E. Laurence Grover, Fred Simpson, Jabez P. Thompson and Edwin H. Vaughan. A school building, gift of the J.L. Jones Family, was moved to the present library site and remodeled so that it served both as a library and a Post office. In 1910 the deed for the lot was accepted from Mrs. Elizabeth Jones. Once again Halifax had its library…”  In 1994, the Holmes Public Library moved into the same building as the Halifax Elementary School located on Plymouth Street.

Sails Digital History Collection

Your history at your fingertips


sailsdigitalcollectionThe Sails Digital History Collection is an incredible resource of digitized photos and documents of many local towns.

Enjoy strolling through the  Halifax archives including –

Collection of postcards from the Halifax Historical Society and Museum’s Collection.

 Collection of marriage intentions  archived by the Halifax Congregational Church.

 The Halifax Historical Society and Museum’s Inaugural collection consists of more than 100 photographs and maps

 The Torch Yearbooks from Silver Lake Regional High School.

 Digital collection of books about Halifax History, with many illustrations from days gone by.

Most of these files are hosted by the Internet Archive, a global internet library with backup files in locations around the world dedicated to offering permanent electronic access to historical collections as a means of cultural preservation.

Mass Memories Road Show

In 2008, Halifax participated in the Mass Memories Road Show (MMRS), an event-based public history project that digitizes family photos and memories shared by the people of Massachusetts.

Over 170 photographs marking big and small events in Halifax town and resident history were uploaded to the Mass Memories site.  See them all here.